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Machin for Closing bags,GK9-980

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A product on which you innovate constantly, solving the cumbersome and simplified operation of the traditional sewing machine. constant goal is to offer you a simpler and more relaxed sewing experience.

The outer casing of the motor of the machine is made of insulating plastic. The weight is very light, only 3 kg, and the comfort of grip is improved. The volume is small. You can wear it easily. When the machine is running, there is no loud noise.

2.2 seconds, the sewing speed is as fast as the speed of light!

The high power of 150 kW can reach 2,000 needles per minute, plus the automatic tangent. Get a seam at a reduced speed of 2.2 seconds.

• Matte insulating handle: The handle is ergonomically designed with a matte finish on the side for long-term manual operation.

• √ Portable design: lightweight for one-handed, portable and secure use. Light weight, low noise.

• √ Automatic Segmentation Design: The automatic secant function improves work efficiency and the slash can be automatically cut off only if the guidewire falls into the card slot.

• √ Full copper core motor: The 150KW high power motor uses a thick copper wire, which greatly increases the power and improves the operating stability of the product.

• Wide range of uses: suitable for the production of a large number of factories and warehouses. It can be used for grain, sugar, salt, food, fertilizers, chemicals, metal powder, iron ore and other commercial canvas bags, bags, bags, woven bags, paper bags .


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