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Plastic poultry floor slats (100 m²)

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 1.Easy to clean ---- saving manpower .

2. Light weight compare with cast iron floor.

3.Good toughness, long service life--have a high bending fatigue life.

4.Non-toxic , tasteless ---- not contain harmful substances.

5.Good chemical resistance ---- acids and alkalis have no effect on fecal leakage board.

6.Strengthen, stiffness , hardness ----the affordability of monolithic is above 150-900kg, it can withstand hammer beating.

7.Waterproof,moisture---there is good electrical properties ,high-frequency insulation and not affected by humidity.

8.Good insulation effect------it is suitable for piggy’s range of activities in pig sows, so that piggy is not easy to get sick.

9.Easy to use and install--------light weight, easy installation, reducing the workload of workers, saving installation costs. There is individual damage, it also does not need to replace all.

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