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Moisture meter Digital

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2-Pin Probe Grain Moisture Meter

 This powerful, versatile and practical device is developed to determine the moisture content and temperature level of corn, wheat, paddy and rice. Capable of measuring 8-20% humidity and -10-55 ° C temperature. The collected data will then be used by the coded LED lights to give you the most current status of the grain being tested. In addition, this meter comes with a FREE removable 2-PIN EXTRA LONG PROBE that uses an exclusive microcomputer LSI circuitry and crystal time base ensuring highly accurate readings, fast measurements and fast response time.

1.Color Coded Lights Equipped with coded LED light shows the status of your grain - impossible, possible or inevitable rot - at a glance. It also uses microcomputer LSI circuit crystal time based on high precision and fast measuring time. 1. Made of ... a. The durable and lightweight ABS plastic housing ensures a quality product for a long and trouble-free service life. b. Has CE marking, complies with safety requirements defined by European directives. vs. Easy to read LCD display; gives an exact reading without guesswork or errors 365 mm 2-pin probe An extra long 2-pin probe included in the set and has a cable length of 1020 mm Moisture meter sold by kassann Group

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