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Plastic feeder, 6,5 Kg

Anti-waste plastic feeder, 9 Kg

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This feeder can be hung with a hanger or simply placed on the ground.

It has a cover and an anti-waste system.

Features: lightweight, durable, hanging design, food dispenser.

This feeders is

Great for chicks, you can even use them in the growth phase in layers.

Indeed, the capacity is 6.5 kg, the material ratio is 1 for 50 subjects.

While the optimal ration in the layer is around 120 g / subject.

We therefore have: 120 g x 50 subjects = 6000 g or 6 kg.

So in Layer Farming you need feeders with a capacity of around 6 kg yet these feeders have a capacity of 6.5 kg.

Yup, here at 3000 F cfa / unit Kassann group allows you to reduce your expenses in terms of investment in equipment.

The fact that it is medium in size improves the life because the larger the feeders are unnecessarily large they deteriorate very quickly.

Also the color improves the palatability of your birds.

You also have the possibility to do a good disinfection after use.
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