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Powerbank Solar

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【Ultra Capacity & Ultra Fast Charging】 The solar charger has a high capacity of 26,800 mah, you can charge the phone 6 to 8 times, or the tablet 1 to 2 times. It has 3 output ports (2 USB and 1 Type C) and wireless QI charging, A total of 4 charging methods. You charge 4 devices simultaneously. And the 5V / 3.1A current output allows you to quickly charge your device to save time. Convenient for farms with no electricity.

【Universal Compatibility & Solar Charging】 The solar backup battery supports iPhone / iPad / Samsung Galaxy, most other smart cell phones, tablets, Bluetooth devices and more. High quality solar panels charge the battery whenever there is light, but please note that solar charging takes a long time for the large capacity and the small panel.

【4 Super Convenient Lighting Modes】 The solar external battery has 18 built-in LED lights with 4 lighting modes (glare / low / SOS / light warning mode). When fully charged, it can turn on continuously for 32 hours in highlight mode or 65 hours in soft light mode. It is a good helper for long trips, hiking, climbing, camping and unexpected power outages.

【Solid and Durable Design & Multiple Intelligence Protection】 The solar powerbank has a solid and durable structure, which can prevent dust, shock and water splash, and has very strong anti-knock ability (1.2 meters drop test). It is equipped with multiple protections such as overcurrent, overload, overheating and short circuit. the quality is higher, safer, more reliable, more powerful and longer service life.

【Quick After-Sales Service】 A strap is included in the power bank packaging, allowing you to hang your power bank on your backpack outside.

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