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Digital Hygrometer Thermometer,

Ideal to evaluate the temperature in chicken house and hygrometry in your farm

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Amplitude of Temperature: The temperature range can reach -50 ° C to -58 ° F ~ 158 ° F (-58 ° C) and humidity at 10% RH-99% RH, making it ideal for a daily use.

    Multifunction: This thermo-hygrometer with LCD display can also be used as a clock, a date indicator and as a daily alarm clock.

    Help with Health Monitoring & ℉ / ℉ Switchable: With the measurement accuracy of ± 1 ℃ / 1.80F (temperature) and ± 5% RH, this thermometer can provide you with clear and accurate reference data. On the back of the knife, the temperature measurement unit ℃ / ℉ can be switched.

    Automatic Max / Min Memory Function: To monitor the air condition, this counter has a max / min value. Values ​​(temperature and humidity) of the last 24 hours (the data will be automatically redone).

    Easy to Use: With a mounting hole and a foldable bracket at the back, this temperature and humidity monitor can hang on the wall or on the table. Ideal for monitoring the air level of the children's room, office, basement, warehouse or pet nest, etc.

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