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Anemometer AS836

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Wide measuring range: Measuring range 0 ~ 45m / s. switchable units of measurement: m / s, ft / min, knots, km / h, mph. Temperature range: 0 ~ 45 ℃ / 32 ~ 113 ℉
Application: AS836 anemometers is widely applicable for all kinds of competitions, such as sailing, canoe racing, outdoor shooting, etc., and many fields, such as electricity, iron and steel industry , petrochemicals, etc.
Function: digital anemometer to measure wind speed as a basic function, increase the calculation, temperature measurement and air temperature compared to a combination of a variety of functions such as the series 'instrumentation
LCD backlight Display: Thanks to digital LCD display with backlight, AS836 air temperature tester is convenient to read at night
Other features: data hold function and low battery indication. mean / max / min wind speed measurement. Auto or manual stop function
The description:
Professional to measure air speed and air temperature with precision.
This counter displays the wind speed in 5 parameters (m / s- km / h- ft / min- knots mph) and the temperature can be switched between ° C and ° F.
Easy to read: Large LCD screen with backlight. professional measuring instrument with large LCD screen and backlight, easy to read data in a dark environment.
handmade design and small size make the meter light, it is easy for you to carry it; Compact and ergonomic design makes the meter perfectly suitable for the hand, providing a comfortable grip feeling.
Various applications: Thermo-Anemometer is an excellent tool for outdoor sports such as surfing, windsurfing, flying drone, sailing and kite flying, mountaineering, the electrical industry, the steel industry, l etrifaction industry, Manufacturing industry etc.
Model: AS836.
Color: show in pictures.
Size: 220 * 65 * 30mm.
Plastic material.
Wind speed Measuring range: 0-45m / s, 0-8800ft / min, 0-88knots, 0-140km / h, 0-100mph.
Resolution: 0.1m / s, 0.3 km / h, 19ft / min, 0.2mph, 0.2Knots.
Temperature range: 0 ~ 45 ℃ / 32 ~ 113 ℉.
Temperature display in degrees Celsius Fahrenheit.
Wind speed unit: m / s, km / h, ft / min, knots, mph.
Large easy to read LCD display with backlight.
Auto / manual power off.
Power supply: 9V battery (not included).

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