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ITC-306A temperature controller WiFi version

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Double protection ”Equipped with 2 relays which cut the power, whatever the circumstances, it avoids blessing your fish with overheated water.
"Two Probes" Please note that both sensors are used in the same aquarium. The aquarium thermostat with double probe emits an alarm if the temperature difference between 2 probes is greater than 3 ° C, and the application sends a notification at the same time; You can know that the probe is broken immediately.
"Continuous Heating Alarm" You can set the heating times according to your needs (1 ~ 72 hours). If the heating exceeds the defined duration but does not reach the defined temperature, an alarm is triggered; Operating Temperature Range: 20 ~ 35 ° C; Monitored Temperature Range: -40 ~ 100 ° C
"Plug and Play Design Simple" The high power of 2200 W is compatible with most of the heating elements on the market; You don't need to have the product yourself and you can use it directly.
"Wi-Fi connection" Connect your device and your mobile phone with a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection; A portable telephone can connect multiple devices at the same time; The device immediately triggers an alarm and the application sends a notification in case of an anomaly.

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