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Poultry electric plucker +scalding machine

CFA701,500.00 Save CFA112,000.00
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This poultry plucking machine from our range will make your plumage chores a breeze.

Composed of stainless steel tub with yellow rubber fingers that allow to perform an automatic plumage of your subjects when the rotating base rotates, this feathery is not only effective but it allows you to pluck your subjects without much effort and well faster than plucking done manually.

Simple to use, simply press the On / Off button to turn it on or off. Can treat up to 06 Kg subjects at once, this plucking machine will plumage your poultry in seconds High quality stainless steel bowl, Can hold up to 8 birds like chicken, turkey, goose and duck Dimensions: 62 cm (width) x 62 cm (depth) x 95 cm (height)
Now your plumage chores are a breeze.
Plumage is a painful and complicated job that will waste valuable time. Lighten up the task!
Do not waste your time doing manual plumage now because the plucker KASSANN will do it for you, saving you time

This professional stainless steel poultry soaking tank is ideal for dipping poultry in order to loosen the feathers before they pass through a mechanical plucking machine in particular. The thermostat is adjustable from 60 to 100 ° C and will allow the temperature to be adjusted depending on the poultry. This 70 liter tank will allow you to process up to 10 kg of poultry (3/5 chickens, quails, ducks, turkeys, geese). For chickens, the ideal soaking temperature is 85 ° C.

This stainless steel soaking tank will help you quickly and efficiently process quail, pigeons and chickens. Thanks to it, you will save a considerable amount of time. It is ideal for use in poultry farms or even in a slaughterhouse.

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