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Power Sprayer for desinfection

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Through the energy production of the fuel, a wide range of smog effects are produced, thus achieving an effective cleaning effect.

Made of stainless steel and alloy, easy to move. It can clean 800 in 8-10 minutes, effectively reducing labor intensity and saving time.

The spray hose design is used in conjunction with the double hoses next to it to prevent the machine from overheating and effectively maintain the properties of the drug.

15L backpack medicine box, with independent fuel tank, thick PP material for environmental protection, ergonomic design, safe and healthy use.

Simple and convenient operation, with power display, one button stop function, very safe and can be used with confidence.

Come and choose a portable portable commercial sprayer!

Our residential, professional and industrial sprayers are designed to meet the needs of your lawn, garden, home, farm, professional or commercial project.

Two modes: water mist mode and smoke mode

Water mist mode

The outside jet can reach approximately 3-8 m,

The water mist mode is suitable for low yield crops such as fruits and vegetables.

Smoke mode

The distribution range depending on the environment is 30 to 60 m

Usually used for large events such as gardening, vaccination and street cleaning.

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