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Egg incubator,09 eggs

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Subject: Equipment used for laboratory observation or hatching of small poultry at home, easy, safe and effective observation
Automatic Egg Incubator: May contain 9PCS eggs, suitable for chicken, duck, quail, birds and other poultry eggs.
Simulate the original ecological hen hatching mode, a very effective LED egg photo function, you can observe the hatching process of eggs at any time
Automatic temperature control: the current temperature is automatically displayed. The circular design of the hot air duct crosses the front and back and has a constant temperature in all directions. The hatching rate is high.
Moisture control: The built-in sponge can moisten the sponge to prevent excessive water from affecting the machine's hatching, easy-to-control, low-noise fan to ensure air circulation
Name: 9 automatic egg incubators
Colour: advanced grey - blue - white - black
Raw material: new ABS
Tension: 110V / 220V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power: 20W
Net weight: about 0.71 kg
Gross weight: about 0.82 kg
Product size: about 25 - 25 - 8 cm / 9.84 - 9.84 - 3.15 inches
Pack size: about 26 - 26.5 - 9 cm / 10.24 - 10.43 - 3.54 inches

9 innovative features:
1. Entire machine ABS raw material production, environmental protection and sustainable.
2. High-efficiency LED egg function.
3. Low noise fan, more reasonable circulation air duct.
4. Ceramic heater (the coiling temperature of the ring machine is more stable, accurate and without blind spot)
5. Dirt can be removed from the honeycomb tray for easier cleaning.
6.La wet sponge humidification design prevents too much water from affecting the machine's hatching
7. Hidden, safer and more beautiful power.
8. The temperature display part is more beautiful with a transparent ABS material design.
9. The round-designed hot air duct crosses the front and rear at constant temperature.
10. Automatic temperature control, automatic display of the current temperature.
11. High-end atmosphere of simplified tactile operation.
12. The integrated ultra-thin body does not take up space, which is convenient for transport and saves unnecessary costs.

Package list:
Incubator - 1
Power cord - 1
Manual - 1

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