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[Lubricated Appearance and chosen material] Built with body in aluminum alloy, the parts in contact with food are in stainless steel 304, saw blade in solid steel, firm and durable. its robust band has seen and the body can perfectly provide you with reliable information using experience with its enough workstation of 48 * 38 CM. And its lubricated appearance can stand up well for the corrosion test.
[Performance and durable high-end experience] high blade speed of 15 M / S not only guarantees you quiet use, without noise, but maximizes your efficiency becoming as a good helper for you. You may also be satisfied with its long lifespan. Its reasonable price provides high quality performance from the Grinder itself.
[Wide application and various choices] It can be applied in different situations, kitchen, restaurant, business use, etc., with a perfect aid for butcher or hunter in cutting meat. It aims to offer you a lasting solution using satisfaction. Different choices can be presented with its sausage maker, no matter if you want to make sausage or meat .. bread
[Easy cleaning and quick installation] Clear instructions allow you to easily install, disassemble and maintain. All hardware is included. And you can clean it when there is a stain on for its smooth appearance. Just a wipe, it can be refreshed in a second.
[Thick stainless steel cutting table] with a ruler on the worktop for more precise cutting. Saw stabilizers prevent blade shaking and reduce wear. Is1-15CM cutting range thickness which can be adjusted according to customer specific requirements, commercial heavy bone and meat saw machine, more convenient.

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