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solar farm light with camera

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3G / 4G mobile remote control without network. (Insert a SIM card into the security camera, then download an application on
Mobiel and monitor it anytime, anywhere.30000mAh solar panel power supply, 4G wireless bullet solar camera, 4-5 days at a
time, high quality solar panels, the logic can be several years .. 5x optical zoom (true 2.7-13.5 mm optical motorized lens without
electronic amplification), you can get mobile phone speakers and scary thieves, motion detection (alarm with moving objects is
pushed to mobile application and save video files in SD) in the card) .. 360 degrees of automatic rotary navigation, 5DB dual antenna
is more powerful and stable 4G signal, outdoor waterproof IP66, 6 Array infrared light emitting diode, night vision 60 meters ..With AP
access point, the phone can connect the 4G security camera between 60m of space, Android support, iOS mobile phone and professional
remote computer client software; Built-in button battery, 4G wireless surveillance camera can record and store when the last second suddenly
turn off the video.


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