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Solar camera for farm

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3G 4G outdoor security camera: This 3G 4G IP camera is mainly used in places without network or inconvenient to install a network cable or wireless network but where the mobile signal is SIM. You must insert the SIM card in the outdoor camera and connect the Internet to your SIM card. The camera does not support the Internet connection of the router! Widely used in streets, schools, parking lots, farms, construction sites,

    Infrared night vision: This outdoor camera is industrial quality and can be widely used in commercial places such as highways and public places. The monitoring distance can reach 100 to 200 meters during the day and 80 meters at night. The 8 infrared LEDs guarantee a clear vision, especially for those who do not have wifi but who support the use of mobile phones, which is very suitable for large places. .

    Motion detection: when an abnormal action is detected, you will press an alert message from your phone to activate it immediately and check security. The 3 improved antennas make it more stable and powerful, and the video will be smoother. IP 66 waterproof, ensuring the security of the outdoor camera and quality assurance. .

    Two types of audio walkie-talkies: This outdoor PTZ camera is equipped with a built-in microphone capable of picking up around 30 meters of sound near the security camera. Compared to other outdoor IP cameras, you can watch and watch your listening directly in your garden, such as live streaming, while others can only see silent videos, monitored gardens, villas. .

    Multi-platform and multi-user remote monitoring: the outdoor 3G 3G 4G outdoor security camera supports P2P applications, Android / ios / MAC APP, is also professional client software for PC CMS. It can also support different users at the same time.


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