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GK26-2A_Portable bag closing machine

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The GK26-1A pocket sewing machine is the most popular model in the world. Suitable for sewing all types of pouches, eg canvas, jute, woven polyester, cotton, GK26-1A T. Features: single-thread single needle, chain stitch 101. Maximum stitch length: 8.5 mm. Improved buckle and simple mechanism. Integrated automatic thread cutter. The needle plate and the crowbar are reinforced to ensure that the needle does not get damaged during seams. The longer needle hole and the corresponding groove in the needle plate are very useful for better resistance. Heat treatment for all parts, deep rust treatment. Ergonomic design, fits perfectly to the user's hand and allows sewing effortlessly. The quality of assembly guarantees a stable quality. Robust construction and security concept. Lubrication system integrated in the oil pump. Anti-lock oil line with felt and spring inside and direct lubricant on the main moving part. Steel cam (without plastic cleats). Continuous operation without problems. The device is ideal as a machine for sewing bags. It is suitable for sewing bags of any type, for example in jute, polypropylene, linen with plastic insert, paper, plastic fabric, geotextile and polyethylene etc. But of course also: Tarpaulin (eg truck tarpaulin), agricultural tarpaulin, tarpaulin, windbreak screens, tents, tent covers, canopy, awning - Model GK26-1 A, single chain stitch 101 - Speed ​​1500-1700 revolutions / min - 8.5 mm point - Lubrication - Semi-automatic needle - DNx1 25 # - Polyester 20/6 thread (2 x 3) - Semi-automatic threading - 90 V / 220 V / 110 V - Weight: 5 kg / 7 kg - Dimensions: 360 x 260 x 380 mm.


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