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Lasso for pigs immobilizing

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Features: Safe and not hurt the pig, the structure is simple and reasonable, sturdy and durable, easy to use

Uses: for treatment, diagnosis, blood collection and other animal activities
Application: Suitable for pigs, cattle, sheep

Hold the handle with your hand, place the front wire ball on the pig's jaws and press the switch to adjust the cable clamp. If the pig does not move, it can be injected or tested arbitrarily, which can effectively prevent pork from being bitten.

Cane Holder Long Can be used by one person for animal treatment, diagnosis, blood and other activities, safety does not harm pork, is durable and easy to use.
Designed for safer pigs and lambs, the self-locking pig rods allow quick and easy restriction of animals.
High quality thick stainless steel cord with a circumference of about 60 cm and a thickness of 4 cm.
Safe for your livestock, will not harm pigs, simple and reasonable structure, easy to use.

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