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Pig cattle Animal Weight Measure Measuring Tape

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The animal weight tape is a thick, durable, vinyl-coated fiberglass that accurately determines the weight of pigs or cattle in pounds or kilograms.
    Retractable adhesive tape automatically by pressing the button on the case for convenient use.
    This is a multifunctional weight measurement tape. You can measure pigs (dead weight), beef cattle (live weight) and dairy cattle (live weight) with a weight measurement band.
    Animal print tape measure on one side, kg on the back in English and French. You can refer to the perimeter of the animal and the corresponding weight, in order to know the body weight of the animal.
    The total length of the weight measuring tape is 2.5 meters. And the weight range for pigs is from 41 kg to 201 kg. The weight range for beef cattle is 268 kg to 1080 kg, which for dairy cattle is 35 kg to 1000 kg.

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