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Revolving syringe , 50 ml

CFA89,000.00 Save CFA21,000.00
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Adjustable five-speed: Press the dose adjustment button and push the 1ml-5ml dose forward
 The front section can be connected to any needle: the front can be connected to any needle, 
and the connection is narrow without needles
 Metal production, Seiko quality: the syringe is made of metal, with excellent quality,
good adhesion, large surface of the hand, easy to inject, easy
 Pull the pull rod of the syringe to inject the liquid into the syringe. 
Load 50 ml of liquid at a time. Press and hold the dose adjustment knob
(lower, semi-automatic dose of the syringe) to adjust 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 4ml, 5ml.
 Hand packaging, with accessories: the structure includes an internal glass tube, 
a spare rubber ring, a perfect syringe
Kamac 01_19

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