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The refractometer is an optical precision instrument, with the help of the refractive index the density of a liquid.
This refractometer is ideal for measuring the sugar content of honey, jam, syrup, etc. The meter is accurate and easy to use: pour a few drops of the liquid on the prism and the density is directly on it.
Measuring range: 58-90% Brix, 10-32% water
Resolution: 0.2% brix, 0.2% water
Easy to use: Place 2-3 drops of the sample on the prism, connect the plate and look out the window to read the Brix value;
After the application of the sample on the prism field creates the special aspect of the refractometer, face chiaroscuro. The border between the two fields marks the sugar content of the sample.
Calibration: zero calibration with water at 20 ° C, automatic temperature compensation between 10 ° C and 30 ° C (ATC)
Accessories: pipette, cleaning cloth, screwdrivers and storage box.
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